About Sue Doherty

Playing the mandolin togetherSue Doherty M.A. graduated from Sonoma State University’s Department of Anthropology with a degree in Cultural Resources Management (CRM). Sue’s research and oral histories have been exhibited in museums and book anthologies.  Sue also has a background in child development and holistic health (certified in acupuncture, nutrition, and as a mindfulness teacher).  For the last several years, her anthropological fieldwork has been doing applied behavioral analysis work and mindfulness based behavioral intervention with toddlers, special needs students, and those with mental health issues.  Sue is the author of  Dancing With Your Baby–for Bonding and Better Health for Both of You (ebook 2014; Kinergetics: Dancing with Your Baby, 1994) and the first time available in print on Amazon: Dancing with Your Baby: The Science of Nurturing Infant and Caregiver through Music & Movement, 2017.  Her research  explores the interface of intangible cultural heritage, including song, music, dance, skills, crafts and the like, and basic behavioral needs, and how they help individuals, communities, and cultures survive and thrive. Sue graduated from the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program–a 2-year training certified through UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

Services: Freelance mindfulness and wellness coach/interventionist with a mindfulness-based behavioral approach for all ages. Depending on the project, Sue may be available for oral history audio recording; transcription; and photography. 

Email: storiesmatter@yahoo.com        Twitter: @storiesmatter

Author of Dancing With Your Baby –The Science of Nurturing Infant and Caregiver through Music and Movement (2017), enlivening their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through our intuitive drive to dance with our baby, and helping ourselves as caregivers thrive as well.

Video excerpt of an author interview with Meeshi Anjali, founder of GroovaRoo Dance–follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Dancing with Your Baby: Th Science-of Nurturing Infant and Caregiver Through Music and Dance.










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