Dancing With Your Baby — 2021 edition in paperback, ebook, & audiobook

An unprecedented, eye-opening investigation into our evolutionary instinct to rock a baby in our arms. Must-have cutting-edge research, advice, and insight into the art and science of song, dance, and melodies–and their profoundly nurturing, therapeutic, and developmental effects for infants and caregivers. Available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Sample on SoundCloud.

With a Foreword by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and best-selling author of the Oprah acclaimed The Conscious Parent and her follow-ups Out of Control and The Awakened Family; and with praise from academics, therapists, clinicians, mindfulness teachers, parenting coaches, pre and post-natal dance instructors, and the general public.


Caregiving a Baby–an Anthropologist’s & Grandparent’s Perspective

In September of 2016, I ecstatically added to the burgeoning class of baby-boomers becoming grandparents. There are 70 million Americans a year joining the ranks. Caregiving my granddaughter during the workweek is a bit of heaven, and much comfort to her parents. It’s also longevity enhancing for me: the Berlin Aging Study found that grandparents who provided non-custodial childcare died at a rate 37% lower than for grandparents who did not provide childcare, and even non-grandparents benefited if they did caregiving .

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