Dancing With Your Baby — 2021 edition in paperback, ebook, & audiobook

An unprecedented, eye-opening investigation into our evolutionary instinct to rock a baby in our arms. Must-have cutting-edge research, advice, and insight into the art and science of song, dance, and melodies–and their profoundly nurturing, therapeutic, and developmental effects for infants and caregivers. Available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Sample on SoundCloud.

With a Foreword by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and best-selling author of the Oprah acclaimed The Conscious Parent and her follow-ups Out of Control and The Awakened Family; and with praise from academics, therapists, clinicians, mindfulness teachers, parenting coaches, pre and post-natal dance instructors, and the general public.


Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Sue Doherty, M.A., is an anthropologist, author, and certified mindfulness teacher (University of California, Berkeley Greater Good Science Center); and a member of The International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Mindfulness helps us cope through troubling times and to find and cherish peaceful mind states. Sue is available for mindfulness & wellness coaching on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in person or remotely by phone, WhatsApp, email, Skype, or Zoom upon request. Email storiesmatter@yahoo.com Read more

body scan guided mindfulness meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditations

Doing a meditative body scan (practice 1) and practicing awareness of your breathing (practice 2) are ways of being with your body and with yourself in the present moment. They are excellent ways to relieve tension and stress. I invite you to bring awareness to your breath or every part of your body, to know it, learn from it, and manage whatever arises. Also, for those experiencing physical pain (or emotional pain that causes tension in your body), practice 3, a guided meditation on pain is helpful.

Guided Mindfulness Body Scan Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Breathing

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Pain

Dr. Thynn’s Oral History & Mindfulness in Daily Life Q & A

This oral history of Dr. Thynn, conducted in August 2017, is a follow-up to our meeting at the end 2014, which appears at the end of this update and Q & A.  Dr. Thynn moved back, after a two year hiatus in Santa Rosa, to the Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center in 2014, which she established in 1998. It was, in her words: “the best thing I did for myself”. In this continuing oral history, she explains her decision, the period since her return, current happenings at the center, and answers questions about mindfulness practice in daily life.

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